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100$ to the man that can help me
  VanDerMeyde, Dec 06 2012

to set up my HEM 2 on the new site im playing (or HEM 1 i dont really care)

I tried, i failed, yes im stupid, yes im a bad geek - but i had enough with emailing support and reading FAQs and nothing helped.

So 100$ will be sent on Pokerstars (or moneybookers or whatever we can agree)
to the man that is willing to help me f.example through screensharing or something

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PLO Graph with EV - plz dont hate me
  VanDerMeyde, Oct 31 2012

So, this is my first 100.000 hands PLO, 0.5-1 to 25plo...
Apparantly I ran very good :D

I really want to improve... the regs constantly complained about my luck on everest and laughed at some of my bad plays... ^^ They were probably right some : D

Any advice ? ^^

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September, back into poker again
  VanDerMeyde, Oct 01 2012

(+ few last days of august)

Didnt figure out how to merge with my hands from Ongame, won 10 stacks there as well - but to hell with it.

Poker is fun

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